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Gut Health – Why is it so important?
Gut Health – Why is it so important?

Gut Health – Why is it so important?

As we learn more about the connection between our gut and our brain, we see how important it is to be eating a well-balanced, healthy diet. The food we eat is directly linked to not only our energy and stamina, but also our mood and therefore emotions.

The human microbiome is your own bodies ecosystem of microorganisms. Here is how a health gut impacts the rest of your health:


  1. It promotes a healthy immune system.

Science has shown a healthy gut means a healthier you. Probiotics and exercise have been linked to a better functioning immune system, giving you increased ability to fight off illness and disease.



  1. Improves Mood.

Some sources have pointed to the guts effect on mental health and mood. Some studies have also seen personality shifts. Wow!



  1. Better digestion, metabolism and physiology.

Having a healthy microbiome with healthy bacteria can also aid to combat a slew of digestive issues from bloating to IBS and constipation.



Our gut microbiota evolves with us and plays a pivotal role in human health and disease. We now know that the resident microbiota influence host metabolism, physiology and immune system development while perturbation of the microbial community can result in chronic GI disease.


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Dr Elisa Hill-Yardin from RMIT University is helping us better understand the “gut brain” and its critical links with neurological disorders like autism and Parkinson’s disease.


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