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3i Blackwater
Add fulvic minerals to any food or beverage, conveniently!

Introducing 3i Fulvic/Humic concentrate. It's a unique blend of over 70 essential trace minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, and antioxidants which can be easilly added to your drink, any time. This combination supports a range of healthy benifits, which can include: Supports gut health and immune function. Oxygenates the brain cells (which need 12 times more O2 than other cells). Naturally…

What is 3i Black Water?

Glad you asked! 3i Black Water consists of 2 ingredients: distilled (evaporated) rainwater from Melbourne & our unique fulvic trace mineral complex which is naturally black. 3i Black Water’s fulvic trace mineral complex is extracted from deep in the earth where an old ocean bed once existed. The fulvic trace minerals extracted from the deposit are over 33 million years…

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